Low cost Cremation pre-planning advice

Dying can be expensive

There are hospital bills that need to be settled, memorial services to be organized and the disposition of the dead body of a loved one that needs to be finalized. Although some people do not like to think about this, it’s a financially smart idea to start planning a funeral long before anyone in your family is even ill.
Money saving tips for planning a funeral are easier to realize when you plan ahead because everyone can think clearly and rationally rather than making quick and emotional buying decisions when suddenly faced with funeral planning tasks after the death of a loved one.  If you leave in Dallas Texas there are several funeral homes that offer affordable packages.


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Here are some tips to help you plan a low-cost cremation…

• You can still include a memorial service even though you’re going with Dallas cremation  service.  Ask if you can rent a casket for viewing the body, or eliminate the viewing altogether as a cost saving step. You can just have the ashes placed in an urn and displayed during the memorial service.
• Compare quality and pricing when you shop for a casket. You also have the option of purchasing one from an independent vendor and have them deliver it to the funeral home.
• If you’re going to buy the casket at the funeral home, request to see coffins that are within your price range. You can always ask for other colors and styles that are available but within your budget.

• You can save money by providing your casket, although some funeral homes may charge you a handling fee for that. Refrain from getting casket extras billed as protective measures.
• Unless a concrete vault is required by law once the casket is interred in a cemetery, choose to forego this feature as it can only add to your overall funeral costs.
• Keep in mind that you are not obliged to buy a funeral package that includes many features you may not want. Instead, request the funeral director to provide you with an itemized list of the prices on all funeral elements.
• Set a modest floral budget and stick with it. Avoid elaborate floral displays as this can add a considerable amount to your funeral expenses. Save money by using plants already available at the church or funeral home.
• Bury the deceased in a favorite outfit rather than spending extra money to purchase a new suit or dress for burial.

Pre-planning the details of a funeral can help cut back on huge expenses.

Choose to prepare a will where you can state all of your wishes so that you can get the most out of your funeral budget. You can include the program for the services, the songs to be sung, the Pastor, or even the poems to be read. You can also buy your clothes to be worn, and state what plans you have for flowers, or if you want the money donated to your favorite charity in your name instead.