Five important things to do after a loved one dies

In a family, everyone has a special bond together and that bond keeps everyone close to each other. But as a fact, there could be a time when a person in the family dies, which is definitely a great loss and may lead to numerous consequences that veterans have to face after that.

After someone dies, there is an array of important things that as a veteran, you may have to handle without any delay. This should be made clear that despite the fact you are going through a grieving phase, you will have to tackle all matters wisely in a step by step manner to avoid further complications.

Planning a funeral

Here is the list of things you need to do immediately after one of your family members passes away:

Consider arranging and initiating the process of funeral

The first and foremost thing that you must handle very carefully is to arrange the funeral essentials. Decide on what you should do, discuss the funeral options, either you have to cremate the body or go for burial process. You may also consider following the will or wish of the deceased person, to make sure you proceed with the best method. Contact the funeral service providers and arrange all things. You may also have to arrange the funds for the funeral.

Inform your other family members

Make sure you inform your remote family members and friends. You may make a phone call or send them and urgent messages to make sure they arrive in time.

Inform social security and authorities, get death certificate

Make sure you inform the social security office, government organizations, and authorities so that the dealings the legal processes associated with the deceased person can be stopped. You will need to get the death certificate to submit it to the government offices and also to cancel the driving license, the identity, and accounts associated with the person, etc.


Inform insurance companies, banks and service providers

Make sure you get enough copies of death certificates to be submitted to the bank, insurance service providers, and banks from which the person has obtained loans or any service in the same category. You will have to pay off the dues or the responsibility may be transferred to the other family members who are obliged to handle them as if the person has a spouse, then he or she may have to pay off the bills or get the benefit if it is allowed.

Probate the estate and handle financial matters

Estate probation process can be carried out by a person who has been authorized by the deceased person in his will. If not you may ask the government authorities to help in knowing which is the correct way to handle the estate probation and to handle the financial affairs in a legal way.

There could be a number of things you may have to handle like canceling the social media accounts, cutting off the service providers from providing further services on the name of the deceased person etc. This could be a hard thing to do when you are undergoing the grieving period, but necessary to do so.