Clarifying Myths about Cremation

Cremation basics

Arranging funerals is an important part of life that all of us will have to do at one point or another. Some people choose to make new arrangements to have it easier on the family. These people have a variety of options when it comes to arranging their funerals. The most important of these options is cremation. For anyone who has second thoughts about the idea, here are some clarifications regarding misconceptions about cremation.

Cremation Urns

Cremation Urns

The Body Will Not Be Incinerated

Some people may find cremation distasteful because essentially the body will be burned. This notion is not true. The body gets placed inside a chamber. After this, the temperature inside the container will be raised until it melts the body into bone and fumes.

The Remains Do Not Turn Into Ashes

The remains may look like ashes because of the grayish appearance. However, this is not the case. What is left after the commission would be the bone fragments of the body? These particles are processed to become powdery substances placed into the urn and given to the family.

A Casket Is Necessary

Whether the family decides to have a viewing or not, a container is required for the process. This vessel is needed by law. Unlike traditional caskets, you can choose to have a wooden box or even just a strong cardboard box for the body. In case that you change your mind and decide on a viewing, you will be able to rent a casket for a fee from the funeral home.

The Cost of Cremation Is Similar to a Burial

Some people may believe that cremation is far cheaper than burial. You will be able to save money by not burying your dead. For one, you can save on purchasing a plot, embalming, and fees from the funeral home. However, many people choose to have an internment before crossing the body. As a result, costs will also be incurred.

Attending to the remains will also cause payments. You can choose to have the ashes buried in a small plot in the cemetery or a mausoleum. If you avail of these options after the cremation, then the price will be the same as that of the burial option.

Planning a funeral is not the best way to spend time while you are still alive. However, it can be very helpful for those you will leave behind. It also ensures that the one who will pass away will be able to have his wishes fulfilled. Cremation is not considered by many because they do not understand the process completely. However, once it is fully explained, cremation becomes a more viable option for the family.

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